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Hi-Data Technologies is an independent IT based company. It’s a full-service IT Consulting and software development company that provides end-to-end service for web and mobile application development services. Hi-Data Technologies has been bringing full cycle software development services to customers. We help our clients with designing, developing and deploying web-based software products for desktop and mobile platforms. Creative and technical functions are performed in-House.Hi-Data Technologies performs thorough research on each given problem and advises its customers on how their business growth aims can be achieved by the implementation of a specific and research-based software solution. We can create existing work into more striking gaze through our designs and obtrusive ideas. To be successful, we realize the significance of our valued customers and due to this recognition, we provide with best and up to the minute designs and developments. By understanding the wishes of our clients, we have been able to accomplish our goals and excelled in the above-mentioned proficiencies. With our keen and tireless team, we create user friendly and functional websites and ensure that our client’s necessities be fulfilled throughout the work process. So, contour your plans with Hi-Data Technologies and get benefited with ground breaking services.


Web Development

Promote your business or brand online. We specialize in creating websites that draw traffic, engage visitors and generate paying customers.

Mobile development

Meet your demanding deadlines with our mobile app development services that converge a mobile platform, custom development, and the latest tech.

GUI Design

We focus on a design language that combines the classic principles of successful design along with innovation and technology.


Solving client issues related to any type of database SQL and noSQL.


Customer can give us any websites and mobile app with their desire specfication and we will achieve it.


Using different methods to achieve security of application.

Products made by us



Agile Methodology

Process is very important to us, it makes sure that we get things right for you. We also like to monitor and measure the activities within our process, then we can tell you how many times we are getting it right and on the odd occasion that we do get something wrong we can find out why. We have many processes and some are even complicated enough to be called a methodology. The processes that are likely to be important to you are outlined below.





Office # A2, Second Floor, Plaza # 17, Mini Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Phone Number

+92 334 5520536

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